Tissue DNA Purification Kit


Extracts DNA from up to 10 mg of various tissue type

Purifies high yields of amplifiable RNA free DNA

Purified DNA free of inhibitors and suitable with downstream applications

Kit does not contain harmful chemicals

Tissue DNA Purification Kit

50 rxn

60 €

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Tissue DNA Purification Kit

250 rxn

300 €

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OxGEn Molecular Solution tissue DNA purification kitprovides a convenient method for the DNA extraction from various tissue samples, including muscular and epithelium. A simple and rapid spin column procedure is used.

DNA can be isolated and purified from the various animal species, such as lizard, cow and snail. The purified DNA is of the highest quality and is fully compatible with downstream applications: PCRqPCRand more.

Protocol of Tissue DNA Purification Kit

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